Here are some of the videos that I have put out into the world. It is funny the moment you decide to share yourself to the world you become a part of it. Once your work is out of the womb it stands on it's own. My own body is composed of a completely new set of cells now compared to before this work was created, still the same DNA surges through these videos. Enjoy!

.. is a journey down the fantastic, sometimes brutal, mind of an artist as he prepares to create his art.[...]

The famous blues man takes it back to his roots with his new album and this phat ass reggae song. Spread this..[...]

Sick of those poser Gangsters out there? We have the cure for what ales ya. Check out this video of Real G ..[...]

One of richmond virginia's favorite metal bands shot with 2 cameras at the former outback lodge in Charlottesville. [...]

This is a short film about alcoholism, regret, and subsequent loss. A quick dive into depravity.. [...]

The band has drawn on many musical influences, but are best known as a secular gospel collective.[...]

Shot in black and white, this early work written, directed, edited and performed by Marc and his crew.[...]

Marc celebrates his own family's home movies in this enjoyable exercise in remembering where he came from. [...]

is actually titled "from the black swan to the ivory tower". Often no description aids in keeping the mind open. [...]

The first ever collaborative brew created by Starr Hill, Devils Backbone, Blue Mountain & South Street.[...]

DJ Stroud video Demo. Homecoming Dance Party at Cocke Hall, Lexington, VA Oct. 6th.[...]
sometimes the best direction is getting lost in the process »
years of feature length, music, film, short subject & commercial work »
while often overlooked editing can and should be seamless »