Something in the Water

Something in the Water
Premiering at the prestigious 25th Annual Virginia Film Festival on Nov. 2nd 2012

2 years in the making 230+ bands shot hundreds of interviews with bands radio personalities man on the street interviews and singer/songwriters. This film attempts to document the strange city of Charlottesville a city of such small stature but one that has so many amazing musicians. Why?

"Something in the Water" is a documentary on the City of Charlottesville, Virginia told through the music and stories of the town's residents.

Alchemy of an American Artist

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Alchemy of an American Artist is a journey down the fantastic, sometimes brutal, mind of an artist as he prepares to create his art.

This “dantesque” descent into the five realms of his life swirls in and out of the elements that make him into the incredible man he is.

Starting with his family and followed in turn by music, love, madness, art, and finally reflection, brings him to brood over his difficult past and his awakening future of sobriety. The sometimes difficult to watch footage is shot "guerrilla style," hand held, so as to lower the impact the effect the camera has on the participants of the documentary.

sometimes the best direction is getting lost in the process »
years of feature length, music, film, short subject & commercial work »
while often overlooked editing can and should be seamless »