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Marc Adams is a director, writer, actor, editor, and a musician living in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has two feature length films under his belt both of which have been accepted to International Film Festivals, several shorts, music videos, and other film projects. He has scored his own music, acted in his and others films, and written screenplays as well. He worked in the audio/video department at working on websites and videos for several major label musical acts, before leaving to start his own a/v company "2FlyDesigns" with his partner Scott Wilson. 2Fly went on to film and shoot several smaller label groups for a period of over 5 years before Marc sold his half of the company and decided to attend school at Bard college in New York state where he minored in music and majored in film and electronic arts.During his time at Bard Marc worked at a multimillion dollar music studio called "Clubhouse studios" as an engineer, he working with major label acts such as the B52's, Dr John, and Natalie Merchant.

After school he moved to Brooklyn New York where he honed his guerrilla film techniques. Upon his return to Charlottesville he opened another business again with Scott Wilson called "Missing Link Media." This short lived company worked with renowned artist like Corey Harris and John D'earth before dissolving and its owners moving as far away as Hollywood and the state of Georgia. Marc however stayed decided to buy a home and continue to work on film and music projects here in Virginia. He is available to film, edit or direct any project.

Checkout this article in the local paper about Marc in the Festival

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